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The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer

Macmillan cancer support  calls it ‘a much needed guide which is both humane and based on robust evidence’

Breast Cancer survivors, Prof Trisha Greenhalgh and Dr Liz O’Riordan’s The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer ‘guides patients and their relatives through the full breast cancer experience from day 1 of diagnosis.’

When asked about her journey, Prof Greenhalgh states, ‘The cancer journey is scary and complex even if, like me, you are a medical doctor and have early-stage disease with a good chance of cure.’

She goes on to say, ‘I was unlucky to get breast cancer but very fortunate to be diagnosed and treated at 108 Harley Street and linked oncology centres, where all the staff were professional and supportive and I received the best evidence-based tests and treatments.’

Prof Greenhalgh teamed up with breast surgeon, Dr Liz O’Riordan to write this book. She says, ‘It’s the book we wanted to buy ourselves the day we got the diagnosis of breast cancer!’

Get your copy of The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer.

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