Women’s Health Surgery Journey

Your consultant will discuss with you the most appropriate type of surgery based on your condition. Our nurse will be present to provide you with any additional information or support you may need during your treatment process. What to expect as your surgery journey? On the morning of your operation, you will be admitted to the hospital where your contact information and payment details will be taken. Once admitted to your room a nurse will confirm your personal details, answer any questions concerning hospital procedures and attach a bracelet to your wrist with your name and hospital number. Pre-surgery Before you go in for surgery, if your consultant requests for […]

MonaLisa Touch® Treatment

MonaLisa Touch® is a laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment to improve vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, mild laxity, and mild urinary incontinence. It is the first to use laser technology to address deep and superficial tissue. This leaves an ecosystem of healthy unaffected tissue to support rapid healing. Millions of women experience changes to their gynecologic health that affect their personal lives as a consequence. Now there’s a solution! MonaLisa Touch® is a simple, proven laser to help you feel like yourself again. Women generally have two events in their lives that can lead to decline in vaginal health and loss of oestrogenic effects, i.e., childbirth and menopause. You deserve to feel like […]

What is Colposcopy?

During the Colposcopy diagnostic procedure, the consultant uses a colposcope to examine an illuminated, magnified view of the cervix as well as the vagina and vulva. Colposcopy detects pre-malignant and malignant lesions in these areas and helps distinguish the two. This includes: Consultation Colposcopy With/without Smear With/without Biopsy Blood Test (HPV typing)

What is cone biopsy of the cervix?

A cone biopsy of the cervix is a removal of a cone-shaped wedge of tissue the cervix used for diagnostic purposes. It’s also used to treat and remove any abnormal tissue that is high in the cervical canal. A small amount of normal tissue around the cone-shaped wedge of abnormal tissue is also removed so that a margin free of abnormal cells is left in the cervix. This includes: Consultation Colposcopy Treatment of precancerous cells

What is Vulvoscopy?

Vulvoscopy is an examination of the vulva which comprises of the clitoris and two pairs of skin folds (labia) forming the external visible part of the female genitalia.  If the patient notices: Itching Redness Swelling Changes of colour to this area a biopsy is conducted in order to remove cells from the vulva to send for further testing. It consists of: Consultation Vulvoscopy With / without Biopsy

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