How much does it cost?

Consultation charges for

Mr Simon Marsh
Mr Jason Lee
Miss Tena Walters
Mr Richard Sainsbury

Initial consultation250
Routine follow up180
Second opinion/ Genetic Initial Consultation350
Post Operation / Results follow up180

Consultation charges for

Miss Fiona MacNeill

15-minute appointments include: 
Face to face consultation + 15-30mins administration

30-minute appointments include: 
Face to face consultation + 60-90mins administration

For Insured Patients, please note, your fees may not be fully covered by your Insurance Company.

Initial diagnostic consultation (15-minute appointment)250
Routine follow up (15-minute appointment)200
Second opinion / Transfer of care (30-minute appointment)350
Newly diagnosed cancer 1st appointment (30-minute appointment)350
Complex treatment planning (30-minute appointment)350
Post Operation / Results (30 minute appointment)350

Procedure charges

Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology by Surgeon600
Drainage of abscess/Haematoma ex pathology400
Core Biopsy by Surgeon1100
Punch Biopsy by Surgeon775


Bilateral Mammogram and Report240
Bilateral Mammogram including 3D tomosynthesis views275
Unilateral Mammogram and Report190
Unilateral Mammogram including 3D tomosynthesis views255
Extra Views Mammography125
Bilateral Breast Ultrasound and Report250
Unilateral Breast Ultrasound and Report190
Bilateral Breast & Axilla Ultrasound and Report265
Unilateral Breast & Axilla Ultrasound and Report225
Aspiration Cytology under Image Control1225
Cyst drainage under image control ex pathology950
Core Biopsy under Image Control1300
Vacuum Biopsy under Image Control1550
Additional pathology on malignant core biopsies for receptor status/ immunocytochemistry / FSH status as required650
Skin Marking / Localisation600
Film Comparison and Review125
MRI Review250
Pathology Review275
Oncotype DX3150
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