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“I also had a great deal of respect and faith in the physician who I knew would be carrying out the procedure, Prof Paul Lee, and was extremely impressed at the way he’d helped to pioneer the treatment in the UK”.

Leading Harley Street physician, Dr J Edmonds

What is Arthrosamid?

Arthrosamid is a revolutionary, non-degradable, visco-elastic hydrogel, designed to give long-lasting pain relief to patients suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

With over 20 years of use, the joint injection is a safe treatment proven to reduce symptoms of osteoarthritis; relieving stiffness between joints, enhancing mobility and improving quality of life.

Safe and sustained pain relief with one injection!

How does it work?

The biocompatible gel does not migrate once injected into the joint cavity. Arthrosamid contains 97.5% water and will integrate into the body’s soft tissue and help to restore the viscosity within the synovial (joint) fluid. This assists with the lubrication and cushioning of your joint, creating a ‘cushion-like’ effect.

The outpatient procedure is quick, minimally invasive and patients can leave immediately after their injection if they wish. Normal, strenuous activities such a running or tennis, can normally be resumed after a few days, Professor Lee will advise on how to re-introduce these activities. The effects of single dose of Arthrosamid can last up to 56 weeks.

Step 1

The consultant, Professor Lee, will clean the area around the knee with swabs. He will then administer a local anaesthetic injection to numb the area.

Step 2

Under sterile conditions, and under ultrasound guidance, Professor Lee will inject the Arthrosamid in the knee joint.

Step 3

Once the injection has been administered, Professor Lee will remove the needle, clean the area and cover the injection site with a plaster.

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Prices start from £2300.


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