How much does it cost?

Consultation charges

Initial consultation250
Routine follow up200
Second opinion350


Gold package – Well Woman Check750
HPV Vaccination800
Implant Removal500
Endometrial scratch550

Procedure charges

Diagnostic Hysteroscopy1100
Diagnostic Hysteroscopy with Biopsy1650
Hysteroscopy and Polypectomy2650
Removal of Coil under Hysteroscopic Guidance1100
Removal of Coil (Straight forward)480
Treatment of Bartholin’s Cyst795
Fitting of Hormonal Coil (Mirena)650
Fitting of copper-based coil (under local anaesthetic)600
MonaLisa Touch Treatment – One treatment700
MonaLisa Touch Treatment – 3 treatments  (recommended)1600
Platelet-rich plasma – PRP (Gynae)350
ER Mapping600


Bilateral Mammogram and Report250
Bilateral Mammogram including 3D tomosynthesis views285
Trans-Vaginal Ultrasound299
Pelvic Ultrasound255
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