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Mr Chris Havelock
BSc (Hons) Ost, D.O. DNSET, DNSP

Osteopath and Rehabilitation Specialist

Mr Chris Havelock is a registered osteopath and rehabilitation specialist. He has a background in genetics, but for the last 15 years has worked as an osteopath treating a wide range of patients including team GB athletes, professional golfers, dancers and footballers.  

His postgraduate training was carried out at the world renowned Prague School of Rehabilitation in the Czech Republic, where their unique approach to understanding movement and dynamic neuromuscular stability, known as “DNS”, has lead to their treatment and rehabilitation programs being prized amongst the worlds most elite athletes.

Mr Havelock approaches patients by identifying gaps in the motor programs of the brain that govern our movement patterns. Then through a unique approach of treatment and exercises for reprogramming this motor system, restores movement to its normal pattern, thereby reducing strain on structures and removing the underlying cause of problem. This total body approach to the patient makes it ideal for all patients with both acute or chronic problems, as well as preparation for surgery and post surgical rehabilitation.

Mr Havelock has built a strong reputation, both amongst patients and the medical profession, for treating complex biomechanical pain patterns and working with surgical cases, as well as treating for injury prevention and performance enhancement.

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