Symptoms of Breast Cancer

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If you are concerned about a new lump or swelling please get in touch with your GP. Most lumps found in the breast are non-cancerous and benign but it is always best to have them checked.

The most common symptoms and signs of breast cancer you should look out for are:

  • If you feel a new lump, swelling or tissue thickness either in your breast, under your armpits
  • A change in the size or shape of either or both your breasts
  • If the skin of your breasts starts showing signs of dimpling or puckering
  • Your breast starts to look more reddish or inflamed
  • Any change in the appearance of your nipples:

It is important to check your breasts regularly for changes. These changes may not be because of cancer but you should get them checked by your GP or a Breast Consultant.

Breast pain is not usually a sign on its own of Breast Cancer but if you do experience constant pain in your breast you should get that checked out.

Although Breast Cancer is mostly found in women, it can also occur in men.

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