Rehabilitation for Gilmore’s Groin

Gilmore’s Groin & Hernia Clinic

Our team of experts have established a rehabilitation programme for Gilmore’s Groin. Your consultant may recommend this programme as an alternative to surgery. Although if you do need surgery your consultant will advice the program as part of your post-operation recovery process.

When doing the exercises, it is important that you activate your “core stability” muscles which consist of stabilising your abdominal muscles and some of the lower back muscles. Our team will help guide you on how to do this and our practice nurses are available for advice if you have any concerns. 

Rehabilitation stages

The rehabilitation is divided into four stages which can be completed at an individual’s own rate.

Stage 1

General Aim:
Straight line activities, avoiding abdominal straining

Specific Exercises:
Treadmill jogging / running
Front crawl swimming
Cross training

Stage 2

General Aim:
Body weight movements

Specific Exercises:
Side lunges
Partial squats
Hip flexion and extension
Begin ball work

Stage 3

General Aim:
Increase intensity of core stability work
Change of direction at speed

Specific Exercises:
Box drills
Cutting drills
Figure of eight routines

Stage 4

General Aim:
Sport specific training

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