Groin & Hernia Surgery Journey

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All our patient care is centred on informed consent, and your consultant will explain each process to you at every step of your surgery journey. Treatment may vary slightly from case to case and your consultant will implement a tailor-made treatment plan and rehabilitation program to meet your specific needs.

What to expect as your surgery journey?

Upon admission for your surgery your contact information and payment details will be taken by the hospital staff.

This will be followed by a discussion with a nurse who will confirm your personal details, answer any questions concerning hospital procedures and attach a bracelet to your wrist detailing your name and hospital number.


Before you go in for surgery, if your consultant requests for any further investigations, such as blood tests or X-Rays that will be undertaken by the hospital team. Your consultant surgeon will come visit you and ask you to sign a consent form both prior and post your surgery.

The Consultant Anaesthetist may also make a pre-operative visit to ask relevant questions and explain the method of anaesthesia.

Types of surgery

Your consultant will discuss the type of surgery best suited for you prior to your admission to the hospital.


Our team will arrange an appointment for you to see your surgeon 3-4 weeks after your operation. The day after your surgery you will be seen by a physiotherapist who will guide you through the 4-week rehabilitation program outlined for you.

After you have had your surgery, your consultant will advise you on:

  • post operation wound care
  • some rehabilitation exercises to start a few days after the operation. It is helpful to do some exercises to help the muscles recover and to decrease the chances of getting another hernia (the risk of a “recurrent” hernia is less than 1%)

If you need help with the rehabilitation, we can recommend physiotherapists and other consultants who specialise in sports and exercise medicine.

In addition, you can get in touch with our nursing team if you need any further guidance on wound care on +44 (0)207 563 1234

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