Varicose vein

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Varicose veins are caused when your small veins begin to weaken or get damaged. The main function of these veins, is to prevent the back-flow of blood on its way to the heart. When these veins deteriorate, they now cause a back-flow. 

This would lead to swollen and enlarged veins that usually appear to be blue or purple and often bulgy in appearance. This condition most commonly develops on your legs and feet.

Symptoms of varicose veins

If you notice any swollen or enlarged veins on your legs or feet which appear blue or purplish in colour, chances are you have varicose veins. Other symptoms include:

  • lumpy and bulging veins
  • swelling in your legs and feet
  • pain in your legs
  • muscle cramps especially at night
  • dry itchy skin around the vein
  • burning sensation in your legs

You will notice that your symptoms worsen when you stand for a long period of time or when the weather is warmer.

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