What are second opinions?

If you are unsure about what a GP may have said in regards to a health condition related to you, getting a second opinion could be a good option. This is when another consultant or doctor looks at your medical history and provide an independent opinion. Requesting a second opinion (or transfer of care) is your right and is not regarded as discourteous by your original team. In some cases, it could be very useful, i.e. for complex cancer treatment plans. Second opinions help clarify options and confirm important decisions and treatments made by the original consultant or doctor. Most patients who decide to take a second opinion do so […]

Issues related to breast implants

Women are recommended to have regular health checks for their breast implants. If proper checks are not conducted, health-related issues can be ignored. Breast implant rupture If you experience symptoms, you should contact a doctor as it could mean there is a rupture in your breast implants. Symptoms of breast implant rupture lumps or swelling in and around the breast region a change in the shape of the breast redness around the breast pain and tenderness or a burning sensation in the breast area enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit Breast Implant Associated-Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) BIA-ALCL is a rare type of lymphoma that is found to be associated […]

Breast cancer in men

Breast cancer is very rare in men with the diagnosis and treatment being exactly the same as that for women. What causes breast cancer in men? Although breast cancer is very rare in men under 60, it is most common in men who have had several close members of their family, diagnosed with breast cancer: a close relative diagnosed with breast cancer in both breasts  a relative diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 40  several members of their family with cancer of the ovary or colon. In rare circumstances, men with high oestrogen levels, or men who have been exposed to repeated doses of radiation, particularly at a […]

What is mastalgia?

Mastalgia is a medical term for breast pain and is rarely a symptom of a serious disease, however can be debilitating and cause anxiety. The key step in management of breast pain is accurate diagnosis as sometimes neck, muscle and chest wall problems can present a pain in the breast. Mastalgia occurs in two-thirds of women and most commonly in premenopausal women. Cyclic mastalgia Cyclic mastalgia is when the breast pain occurs in a regular pattern. This could be due to the menstrual cycle or changes of hormone levels in the body. Women who experience cyclic mastalgia may experience symptoms. Symptoms of cyclic mastalgia breast pain or heaviness breast swelling […]

Breast cancer treatment options

The treatment for breast cancer is tailored to each individual as much as possible, so there really isn’t any such thing as an “average” treatment. There are, however, four basic types of treatment to consider: surgery, radiotherapy, endocrine treatment (such as tamoxifen or other, similar, tablets) and chemotherapy. Surgery For many people with breast cancer surgery is still the first type of treatment you will have. There are two broad types of surgery. Breast conserving surgery – The first is called breast conserving surgery. The aim is to remove the cancer with a rim of normal breast tissue around it and to leave most of the breast intact. This is […]

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