Cancellation and Non-Attendance Policy

If you cannot attend your appointment, we would appreciate it if you can let us know immediately so we can reschedule the appointment.

Unfortunately, when a patient does not show up or cancels their appointment at the last minute, another patient loses an opportunity to be seen by one of our consultants. If you do not show up to your appointment, or have not notified us 24 hours prior to your appointment, the following charges will be applicable:

  • £100 for a consultation* appointment
  • £250 for a consultation* and imaging appointment
  • £250 for a day surgery appointment

By doing so, you are helping us better serve the needs of all our patients. If you have any queries surrounding this, please feel free to contact a member of staff on 0207 563 1234 or

*Not all consultants follow this charge but we will advise accordingly in your appointment letter.

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