After your Enhanced Mammography appointment

Following an Enhanced Mammogram, our staff will provide you with a patient care sheet. You will be asked to stay for 15minutes in our waiting room. This is in order to make sure you are ok before we can let you go.Once you have left our clinic, you may resume your activities as normal – there should not be any adverse after-effects. We recommend that you drink plenty of fluids in the 48 hours following your examination. This is to help wash out the dye from your system through your kidneys. Results Your referring doctor will receive your results within 2 to 3 days of your appointment. At the time […]

How to prepare for your Enhanced Mammography appointment?

Prior to you Enhanced Mammogram appointment we urge you to please eat and drink as you would do normally. For any mammogram examination, you will be asked to undress to the waist. In order to make it easier for you, we recommend you to either wear a skirt or a trouser instead of a dress. Furthermore, we do request you to please telephone the department prior to your appointment if you:

Magseed clip insertion

What is Magseed?  Magseed is a sterile, surgical grade steel clip that is about the size of a grain of rice. It is inserted prior to surgery next to the breast cancer to help guide surgeons during a breast lumpectomy.  How is a Magseed placed in my breast?  The Magseed is placed with the help of either an ultrasound or a mammogram. A needle is inserted into the tumour within the breast under local anaesthetic and the Magseed is placed. This will performed by your Radiologist.  How does it help during surgery? During your operation, the surgeon uses a handheld probe called Sentimag®, which works like a metal detector, to […]

What is ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a diagnostic technique that uses high frequency sound waves to produce pictures of internal tissues and organs. During this procedure, a special gel is spread onto the area to be examined, then a transducer (small hand-held probe which emits sound waves) is passed over the area. The echoes it picks up are converted into an image, which is then reviewed by a Consultant Radiologist, who produces a written report for the consultant surgeon. Ultrasound scans are painless. The ultrasound exam lasts approximately 15 minutes. The most common procedures using ultrasound include: Breast scan Examination of the axilla Guided fine needle aspiration cytology and core biopsy  Guided skin marking […]

Symptoms of Breast Cancer

If you are concerned about a new lump or swelling please get in touch with your GP. Most lumps found in the breast are non-cancerous and benign but it is always best to have them checked. The most common symptoms and signs of breast cancer you should look out for are: If you feel a new lump, swelling or tissue thickness either in your breast, under your armpits A change in the size or shape of either or both your breasts If the skin of your breasts starts showing signs of dimpling or puckering Your breast starts to look more reddish or inflamed Any change in the appearance of your […]

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