Second Opinion

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If you are uncertain about your diagnosis or treatment plan, we offer second opinions where our consultants will listen and revisit your case details.

What happens during your appointment?

During your appointment, our consultant will revisit your medical history, review clinic letters, reports, tests and scans, after which they will provide you with a detailed report with their findings.

Requesting a second opinion (or transfer of care) is your right and is not regarded as discourteous by your original team.

Why seek a second opinion?

Unsure of your diagnosis

If you are have doubts or concerns about what your GP/consultant may have said in regards to a health condition related to you, getting a second opinion could be a good option.

During your appointment our consultant will look at your medical history and provide an independent opinion on your condition.

Alternative treatment options

In some cases, for example complex cancer cases, there may be more than one suggested treatment plan. A second opinion helps rest assure that you are being given the best treatment option available, before beginning your treatment procedure.

Second opinions help clarify options and confirm important decisions and treatments made by the original consultant or doctor.

Better interpretation of your case

Medical information can be complex to understand and sometimes one may interpret information different to others.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) will review your case details in depth, and provide clarification of the diagnosis and treatment plans offered to you. Whether the conditions are cancerous or benign, our MDT will make things simpler for you.

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