How much does it cost?

Fixed Price Minor Operations Package – Monday to Friday

Dermatology procedures

Removal of lesions and cysts£700
Skin biopsies£700
Skin cancers removal (includes routine pathology)£1300
Scar revisionFrom £700

General procedures

Removal of lesions, including cysts, lipomas, papillomas, haemangiomas£700
In-growing toenail surgery£700

Colorectal procedures

Removal of buttock and perianal lesions, cysts and haematomas£700
Banding of haemorrhoids£325
Incision and drainage of perianal or pilonidal abscess£400

Women’s health procedures

Polypectomy (includes hysteroscopy)£2600
Removal and insertion of intrauterine device (IUD) – Copper£450
Removal and insertion of intrauterine device (IUD) – Mirena£500

Plastic surgery

Removal of lesions, moles, cysts and skin biopsy£700
Scar revisionFrom £700
Nipple reconstruction£750
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