Osteitis Pubis

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Osteitis pubis is a term given to lower abdominal and / or pelvis pain that can occur in athletes. Our consultant will help diagnose and treat this inflammation which is usually caused due to stress or overuse of the soft tissue and bone around the pubic symphysis.

What happens during your appointment?

When you first come in for your appointment, your consultant surgeon will “take your history”. This involves the consultant asking you questions about what happened and what symptoms you get.

They will then ask about your general health and any operations or illnesses you may have had, any medication you take or if you have any allergies.

Treatment options

After you have been diagnosed, your consultant will advise you on the best treatment option for your condition.

What are the symptoms you may have?

Due to the inflammation caused, the most common symptom you may feel is that of pain, which intensifies when pressure is applied to the area.

  • everyday movement can get restricted
  • a dull, constant pain while you are sitting
  • pain originating from the centre of your pelvis area and radiating outwards
  • lower abdominal pain, again originating from the pelvic area
  • pain when running, twisting, turning, kicking or lying on your side
  • pain during activities such as walking, climbing stairs, coughing, or sneezing. While walking, the pain could be so severe that it could impact your gait. If you suffer with osteitis pubis, you may appear to walk with a waddle to minimize the pain
  • you may even sense a click and a pop when shifting positions

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