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Our consultants help provide you with a complete mole check which involves a full skin examination, advice on caring for your skin in the sun and how-to self-check your moles.

What happens during your appointment?

During your appointment our consultant dermatologist will examine all your visible moles for any changes or signs of abnormality.

If, at your appointment, you wish to get your mole taken out our experienced consultant dermatologists will do so in our in-clinic day surgery centre.

Moles are generally harmless (benign) but in some cases malignant melanoma (a type of skin cancer) can arise from a mole or just appear. This is what your consultant usually looks for during your check.

When should you come for a mole check?

Our consultants recommend you to self-monitor your moles for any changes which might indicate the signs of melanoma.

You need to look for changes which include:

A – Asymmetry: difference in each half of the mole
B – Border: irregular or jagged edges
C – Colour: multiple colours in a mole
D – Diameter: greater than 6mm
E – Evolution: change in a mole

How to check your skin?

Moles can develop anywhere on your body and it is important that you check your skin for any new moles or changes in old ones.

If you find it difficult to check your skin in certain areas, we advise you to ask someone to help you with your self-examination.

If you are concerned about your moles you can discuss with your GP if you need to see a specialist. If malignant melanoma is detected early it can usually be cured but more advanced skin cancers can be very serious. 

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