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If you have a skin cancer or benign skin lesion that cannot be treated easily by simple excision, you may be referred to a plastic surgeon.

What are your plastic surgery options?

At the Skin Clinic, our plastic surgeons work closely with our dermatologists to help treat skin lesions in aesthetically sensitive areas such as the face and in functionally important areas such as the hands.

They are trained in a range of techniques to achieve the best aesthetic and functional outcomes for skin cancer and benign skin conditions. The aim is to excise the skin lesion with an appropriate margin (clearance) and to reconstruct the defect with as little scarring as possible.

Most of these procedures can be performed under local anaesthetic at 108 Harley Street.

Cosmetic Mole Removal

If you wish to remove an atypical mole or just any mole our consultant can do so on the day of your appointment in our day surgery centre. This is done under local anaesthetic followed by wound care advice by our nurses.

Local Flap Reconstruction

After you have had your surgery, your consultant will work closely with our plastic surgeon to fully reconstruct the surgical area by using surrounding tissues to close the site. With a local flap, adjacent tissue is used to yield a better match.

Wide Excision of Skin Cancers

If you are diagnosed with melanoma, your consultant will excise a rim of normal tissue (margin) along with the malignant tissue it surrounds. The size of the margin would depend on the thickness of the skin cancer and sometimes its location on the body. It is done under local anaesthetic within the clinic. Your consultant will also recommend wide local excision if you wish to remove atypical moles.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Melanoma

Your consultant will usually carry this biopsy out under general anaesthetic in order to remove the sentinel lymph node(s). This gland is the first lymph node in your axilla (armpit) to which skin cancer may have spread. This helps your consultant tailor-make the right treatment plan for you.

Scar Revision

After your surgery, your skin is left damaged with a scar which heals over a period of time. In some cases, your scar may appear thicker, bulkier and raised that develop months after your wound is healed – keloid scars. If you wish to improve or reduce the appearance of your scar, you can discuss a scar revision procedure with our consultant plastic surgeon.

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