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We advice you to always check your skin for any changes or newly developed moles and lumps. If a cancer is diagnosed, your consultant will help identify the type of skin cancer and guide you through a tailor-made treatment plan.

What happens during your appointment?

Your consultant will examine your moles and check the rest of your skin for any missed abnormalities. If they are suspicious of a certain mole, they will extract the mole (biopsy) and send it for testing.

They will discuss with you the type of cancer detected and walk you through the treatment journey they have planned for you. You must discuss with your consultant if you have any questions or clarifications regarding your care.

Treatment options

After your consultant has diagnosed the type of cancer you have and where it is located, they will discuss the most appropriate treatment plan with you. Your treatment options fall under these broad alternatives mentioned below:

These treatments help remove your cancer through surgical means usually under local anaesthetic or non-surgical methods including cryotherapy.

Skin cancer types

Skin cancer is the most commonly found cancer in the UK with melanoma ranked 5th amongst the cancers diagnosed within the country. If detected early skin cancer can be cured. That is why it is highly recommended to check your body for any abnormalities.

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