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Our orthopaedic consultant will diagnose the nature of the condition in your hand or wrist region – right from any pain or stiffness you may experience right up to carpal tunnel or any tendon and ligament damages.

What happens during your appointment?

During your appointment with the consultant, they will assess the problem area and help manage the matter with the right treatment plan. Every decision made will be discussed with you and carried forward with your consent.

If any further tests are required, your consultant will request investigations to exclude any underlying conditions. Our administrative team will help to coordinate this.

What are the different conditions we treat?

Our consultants will provide you with an expert opinion and personalised treatment plan for minor to complex fractures, dislocations, ligament and tendon injuries in your hand and wrist region. They can also advise you on any nerve damage or any other pain / stiffness you may experience.

Trigger Fingers

Trigger fingers is a condition where one or more tendons in your finger or thumb gets affected making it difficult for you to bend or move it, sometimes causing a clicking sensation. It is occasionally associated with arthritis or diabetes.

Carpal Tunnel

With carpal tunnel syndrome you may experience a tingling sensation, numbness or pain caused by pressure on a nerve in your wrist. Each patient’s treatment plan will differ and depending on the severity, your consultant may recommend either medication, injection therapy, physiotherapy or surgery depending on the severity.

Ganglion cyst

The ganglion cyst is a smooth lump that is formed under your skin. Usually developed near a joint or your tendon, it is a fluid filled lump and can vary in size. Depending on the cyst, your consultant will either opt to drain the fluid or cut the cyst through surgery.

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