Initial assessment

When you arrive at the clinic, the staff will check your details and ask you about any breast problems you have had. At this point, if you have any queries, please ask.

During the examination

Mammograms are carried out by mammographers, who will

explain the procedure to you
then place your breast onto the mammogram machine and lower a plastic plate onto it to flatten it and keep your breast still and get clear X-rays.
will usually take X-rays of each breast
Time taken

The whole appointment takes less than 30 minutes and the mammogram only takes a few minutes.

Additional tests

Mammograms are usually accompanied with an ultrasound test as part of your breast screening. Apart from which your consultant may advice for certain additional tests to be conducted:

Vacuum biopsy
Core biopsy
Ultrasound guided localisation
Fine needle aspirations
Cyst aspiration
Marker clip insertion
Magseed clip insertion

The team that takes care of you

Our multi-disciplinary team of world renowned dermatologists and surgeons are here to help give you the best individualised care you need. Find out more about our skin clinic team.

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