Breast screenings (mammography)

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To ensure early detection of breast cancer or any other abnormalities, we advise patients 40 years and above to have an annual mammogram. Patients can self refer for a mammogram provided they have no breast symptoms and are registered with an NHS GP.

What happens during your appointment?

At your appointment your mammographer will ask you about any previous breast problems you may have experienced. They then will explain what to expect during the procedure. At any point of your appointment, we encourage you to ask for any further information or queries that you may have.
The mammographer will then place your breast onto our NEW Hologic Selenia® Dimensions® Mammography System and lower a plastic plate onto it to flatten it and keep your breast still. This will ensure your mammographer will get clear X-rays of your breasts.

Mammography options

Early detection gives you the chance to treat the cancer before it spreads. Screening helps detect breast cancer or any abnormalities which are too small to see or feel.

2D Mammogram

The traditional 2D mammogram is a two imaged X-ray taken digitally. Your mammographer will take the first X-ray image from the top and this will be followed by an image taken from the side. This is done unilaterally (for one single breast) or bilaterally (for both the breasts).

Digital 3D tomosynthesis mammography

This type of mammogram uses high powered computing to help compile a series of images to create a “3-dimensional viewed mammogram”. This helps the reporting Radiologist to see breast tissue more clearly and allows them to examine the tissue one millimetre at a time. This means fine details of the breast are more visible, with no tissue going unnoticed or hidden.

Additional tests

As part of our comprehensive breast screening assessment, a mammogram examination is usually be accompanied with an ultrasound scan. In addition, your consultant may recommend additional investigations to be conducted:

  • Vacuum biopsy
  • Core biopsy
  • Ultrasound guided localisation
  • Fine needle aspirations
  • Cyst aspiration
  • Marker clip insertion
  • Magseed clip insertion

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