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Your consultant may refer you for some additional tests to help confirm with your diagnosis.

Core biopsy

During a core biopsy the Consultant Radiologist will use a narrow needle to excise a small sample of tissue from your breast or lymph nodes. The extracted tissue is then sent for testing, which provides your consultant with a better understanding of your condition. This will also determine whether further testing is required. This will allow your consultant to determine the best treatment plan.

Cyst aspiration

Cysts are benign sacs of fluid formed over time, within the breast tissue. Cysts can lead to pain, infection or discomfort. Using ultrasound guidance the Consultant Radiologist will place a small needle directly into the cyst and withdraw any fluid.

Fine needle aspirations (FNA)

If your consultant feels a lump in your breast, lymph nodes or thyroid, they may refer you for an FNA. During this biopsy procedure, a very thin needle is used to extract a sample from the abnormal area to be sent for testing. In some cases, they may use an ultrasound to help guide them to the site.

Magseed clip insertion

Magseed is sterile surgical grade steel clip that is used prior to your breast cancer surgery to guide your consultant to the malignant lumps during breast lumpectomy.

Marker clip insertion

The Consultant Radiologist will insert a tiny metal marker clip to help them later identify the site of a biopsy taken, or to mark an abnormality previously diagnosed to check for reoccurrence. It is also used to identify the site of any malignant tissues that are to be later removed during surgery.

Ultrasound guided localisation

This procedure is performed prior to your breast surgery. A small needle is inserted into the area and injects a small amount of blue dye. This helps the surgeon to pinpoint the precise location in your breast correctly for surgery.

Vacuum assisted biopsy (VAB)

A vacuum assisted biopsy (VAB) is a biopsy performed under local anaesthetic. It is a type of core biopsy, where the Consultant Radiologist uses a special needle attached to a vacuum device. This enables more tissue to be removed for analysis under a microscope, providing more information about the abnormality in the breast tissue.

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