X-ray examinations

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X-ray is a painless and quick form of invisible, electromagnetic energy that helps produce pictures of bones, organs and tissues inside your body. They help detect various conditions and our team of radiographers process these images through a CR reader, which converts them into a digital image.

What happens during your appointment?

At your appointment, depending on the part of body to be examined, your radiographer will ask you to lie on the table or stand against a flat surface on the wall. They will then aim the x-ray machine to the part of your body that needs the x-ray and will go on to operate the machine from behind a screen.

You will be asked to remain still in order to get a clear image. The procedure lasts for a fraction of a second. If your consultant requires more than one angle to be reviewed, this will be arranged for by our team.

What x-rays are available?

Our expert team of radiographers can carry out x-rays which include:

Upper body

This includes x-rays done from your neck to your abdomen.

  • abdomen
  • chest
  • clavicle
  • elbow
  • fingers
  • forearm
  • hand
  • humerus
  • ribs
  • scaphoid
  • shoulder
  • spine (cervical, lumbar)
  • wrist

Lower body

This includes your hip and below.

  • ‘Stork views’ – to exclude pelvic instability for ‘Gilmore’s groin
  • ankles
  • feet
  • femur
  • hips
  • knees
  • pelvis

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