No mesh hernia repair

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Mr Simon Marsh, 108 Harley Street’s Groin and Hernia expert, is one of the few surgeons who is still carrying out no mesh inguinal hernia repairs.

The Shouldice Technique

During a no mesh hernia repair, the hernia is repaired by reducing the hernia and restoring, anatomically, the normal anatomy of the groin. The technique can be considered as based on the Shouldice Technique, pioneered in the famous Shouldice Clinic in Toronto, Canada. Mr Marsh has lectured internationally with the late Robert Bendavid, who was a senior member of the Shouldice Clinic.

In cases where the hernia is very large a mesh “plug” can be used. This is placed behind the groin muscles. Mr Marsh does not use a mesh patch placed in front of the groin muscles (the Lichtenstein technique).

As well as Mr Marsh, the Gilmore’s Groin and Hernia Clinic at 108 Harley Street, has a team of surgeons who can tailor hernia repair to each individual patient.

You can watch a video about the Shouldice Clinic.

Benefits of no mesh hernia repair

A no mesh hernia repair relies on an anatomical repair of the groin using only the body’s own tissues and stitches which will all, eventually, dissolve. This reduces the risks associated with mesh patches, such as chronic pain and infection. The absence of foreign material in the body ensures there is no risk of long-term, mesh related, complications.

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