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The concept of this series of short stories is to illustrate how to integrate the best clinical practice, research and evidence based guidelines into every day scenarios faced by Sport & Exercise Medicine practitioners in a way not seen before. The idea is to keep the stories faced paced and entertaining, evidence informed and clinically useful. We will cover a number of injuries and scenarios throughout the series from a number of different perspectives: physio / doctor / sports therapist / surgeon / player / manager / etc.

The first story focuses on the trials and tribulations of two people from polarising backgrounds, but with a similar dream, and who catastrophically collide together upon their initial encounter. Francie is a frantic 17 year-old desperately chasing his boyhood dreams of becoming a professional footballer, while Pepper is a young therapist pursuing her ambition of being the first ever Head of Sport & Exercise Medicine Practitioner at Manchester United Football Club. However, both their dreams are derailed the day Francie believes his career may be cut short due to injury. The second in this series of short stories will concentrate on Millie Street, a 23 year-old soccer player and captain of the mighty Chelsea Ladies Football Team, however, amongst other struggles that Millie faces in her personal life, her professional football career is left hanging by a thread when she tears her ACL ligament for the second time in 18 months. More to follow…

Francie and Millie’s adventures as well as the others are also discussed in greater detail in our podcast: Harley Street – The Podcast, to provide the reader with further insight into the assessment and management of sporting injuries. If you want to find out more, then make sure you check out the pod. We also bring the stories to life through video animation on Youtube. The aim of the videos are to entertain and educate. We provide a satire type look at sports injuries which we hope you find unique, interesting and funny. All feedback on the videos is greatly appreciated.


The blogs, vlogs and podcasts are chewing gummed together by an international group of truly lovely and inspiring people who are altruistically motivated to help others. Our hope is to share our experiences of assessing and managing injured athletes and interpret the latest peer reviewed groin related research through the entertaining adventures of Francie McGroin amongst other characters.

All of the chapters in this series are worked on by the group as a whole. Below is a snippet of some of the people who you are going to encounter along this exciting journey……

When all else fails

Francie, riddled with worry, takes a trip to London to see world renowned surgeon Simon Marsh. Simon, a very experienced and capable surgeon takes Francie under his wing and gives him some surprising news indeed. Maybe, Francie’s worries were not misplaced at all!!! A must read chapter, make sure don’t miss out.

From Australia to Iceland

Stephanie Rizoski is a highly competent physiotherapist from Australia, who, along with Valgeir Vidarsson another excellent physiotherapist in Iceland have combined their efforts to put together an outstanding set of simple questions designed specifically to help clinicians when taking a subjective from their patients. In Chapter 2: The Iceland Factor, Steph gets a mysterious call from Valli, I’m not at liberty to spill the contents of that call at present for it surely will ruin the surprise that lies ahead when investigating the mysterious factors may be at the root of Francie’s groin pain. It’s a really interesting piece, very informative, clinically useful and easy to read. We will also be providing you with some super downloadable PDF’s very soon help you structure your subjective, so watch this space…….

When fact meets Fiction

Ben Dinnery, data analysis extraordinaire, of Premier Injuries will provide the reader with a unique insight into the impact, incidence and types of injuries in the Premier League over the last 10 years and how Pepper and other characters in the story use this information to help with their clinical reasoning.

Where it’s more than just an Injury

Paulina Czubacka is a Sports Rehabilitator from Poland with a passion for helping athletes get back on their feet following injury. She will be providing the audience with an in-depth analysis of why it is so important to treat the person and not solely focus on the injury, which maybe what Pepper could be blamed for early on in Francie’s adventure. In one of the later episodes, we will illustrate how psychosocial factors “yellow flags” such as beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviours can have a major bearing on injury and how Pepper learned to recognise them and intervene to save Francie’s footballing dreams.

There’s only one man for this Job

Stel Stylianou, is the Executive Director at Shoot the Defence Media, a skilled producer and podcast host as well as a literary genius. Stel will be hosting the Harley Street Podcast and interrogating the cast of the stories to provide the listener with an in-depth analysis of their clinical reasoning processes. Trust me when I say, Stel takes no prisoners!!!

From Injury to Performance

As Francie finds his feet and confidence again following injury, we will track his progress as he works his way back into training squad. We will show you how Francie and Pepper work together to facilitate his dream. They didn’t get everything right along the journey, but both of them learned valuable lessons from their mistakes which they later used to great effect. Daniel Marjanovic provides a unique insight into the physiology and anatomy of the groin complex not seen anywhere else. Watch this space…..

We truly hope that the information we share here will sincerely help you along your rehab journey whether you are an athlete or clinician.

Best wishes

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