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A hysteroscopy is a diagnostic procedure Consultant Gynaecologist use, with the help of the hysteroscope, to assess the problem first-hand with a direct eye examination. 

Hysteroscopies can be performed in the clinic using a tiny hysteroscope (which has a diameter of ball point pen refill) and no other traditional equipment such as speculum or any anaesthetic is used. This technique is called “No touch technique”

The procedure as such takes less than five minutes.

At the most you may feel a lower abdominal cramp, before you realise this the procedure will already have been completed.

Why would you need a hysteroscopy?

If after menopause you start experiencing bleeding, the problem can be better assessed with the help of a hysteroscope.

Hysteroscopy can also help if you have had the following conditions:

  • Failed IVFs
  • Abnormal periods
  • Heavy periods
  • Light periods (Asherman’s syndrome)
  • Lost coil

It has also proved to be helpful:

  • As a diagnostic test prior to operative intervention such as removal of polyps and fibroids
  • To assess the uterine cavity after repeated miscarriages
  • To accurately identify uterine developmental abnormalities

Is there any preparation needed?

You can eat and drink as normal.

Patients can take simple painkiller tablets about half an hour prior to the procedure. Sometimes, tablets called Misoprostol are used to soften the neck of the womb.

What happens during the procedure?

You will be provided with an information leaflet and will be asked to sign a consent form after the procedure has been explained to you and your questions have been answered.

Once all the necessary paperwork has been completed, you will be helped to get ready for the procedure by one of our nurses.

During the procedure, your consultant will be able to communicate with you and constantly ask for your feedback regarding any discomfort. If at any point you would wish to know what your consultant is intending to assess, they will show and explain their process with you. They may take a few still pictures (with your consent) of the uterine cavity to help explain the findings to you and also for future reference.

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