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Meniscus tear

The meniscus is a C-shaped piece of cartilage in your knee joint, that works as a cushion between your thighbone and your shinbone. Meniscus damage or tear is the most common knee injury which is caused due to pressure on the knee joint. Symptoms If you do have a meniscus tear, you tend to experience pain and swelling in your knee a day after the injury. Other symptoms you may experience include: a popping sound around your knee joint pain when you touch your knee or try to straighten it stiffness in the joint making rotating the knee difficult your knee gets the feeling of being caught up or locked […]

Magseed clip insertion

What is Magseed?  Magseed is a sterile, surgical grade steel clip that is about the size of a grain of rice. It is inserted prior to surgery next to the breast cancer to help guide surgeons during a breast lumpectomy.  How is a Magseed placed in my breast?  The Magseed is placed with the help of either an ultrasound or a mammogram. A needle is inserted into the tumour within the breast under local anaesthetic and the Magseed is placed. This will performed by your Radiologist.  How does it help during surgery? During your operation, the surgeon uses a handheld probe called Sentimag®, which works like a metal detector, to […]

Rectal Surgery Journey

If surgery is required, your consultant will have this arranged immediately, for the first mutually convenient date for you and them. Prior to your surgery, your consultant will explain each step involved in your treatment plan. All our care is centred on informed patient consent. What to expect as your surgery journey? Surgery, performed under general anaesthetic, takes place at our partner hospital – The London Bridge Hospital and our staff will arrange the booking for you. Upon admission for your surgery, your contact information and payment details will be taken by the hospital staff. This will be followed by a visit from a nurse who will confirm your personal […]

VAAFT (Video Assisted Anal Fistula Treatment)

VAAFT is a minimally invasive procedure where your consultant uses a fistuloscope to help with the assessment of your anal fistula. How is the VAAFT procedure carried out? The operation has two stages.  The first is a diagnostic stage where the fistula is assessed, and the second is a treatment stage, both carried out during the same operation.   During the treatment stage, the fistula track is cleaned out and the lining of the fistula track is cauterised with the intention of prompting healing.  Your consultant can treat any secondary branches or extensions of the anal fistula in a similar way.   In most cases, during the initial stage of […]


EPSiT (Endoscopic Pilonidal Sinus Treatment) is a minimally invasive procedure involving the use of a fistuloscope to allow your consultant to assess pilonidal sinus. The fistuloscope also allows the introduction of operative instruments to help with either symptom control or to achieve healing of the pilonidal sinus. How is the EPSiT procedure carried out? The first stage of the procedure is to help your consultant diagnose and assess the pilonidal sinus. This is followed by the treatment stage. Both these stages are carried out during the same operation.  During treatment the pilonidal sinus is cleaned out and the lining of the sinus track is cauterised with the intention of prompting […]

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