Deep Oscillation®

Deep Oscillation Therapy is used by our specialist for post-operative treatment and management of swelling, scars, seroma, lymphoedema of the breast, trunk, arm and or hand. The gentle, yet effective, electrostatic impulses are delivered through gloved hands or applicators and are clinically proven to permeate an 8cm depth, impacting all tissue layers; including the connective tissue.


Chemotherapy can be used before or after your surgery. This is determined after your consultant has discussed your treatment plan and explained the side effects to you. This treatment option uses cytotoxic drugs to destroy breast cancer cells. These anti-cancer drugs not only destroy the way cancer cells grow but also have an affect on your normal cells.  Drugs and side effects Many different sorts of drugs may be used and they are usually given as a combination of several drugs to produce a better effect. Commonly used drugs include epirubicin, flurouracil and docetaxel.  Side effects include tiredness, nausea and vomiting, sore mouth, hair loss and effects on the nerves […]

Endocrine treatment

Endocrine treatment is advised by your consultant if they find that your breast cancer is oestrogen receptor (ER) positive. As in some breast cancers it is found that the oestrogen hormone in the body aids in the growth of the cancer, all breast cancers are tested using tissues from a biopsy or from after your surgery. If the test suggests an ER positive breast cancer that would mean the oestrogen in your body is helping the cancer grow and you consultant will go over treatment options best suited for you. Hormone therapy or endocrine treatment helps stops the effect of oestrogen on your breast cancer cells and each of the […]


If your lump is relatively large compared with the size of the breast then it may be necessary to remove the whole breast to make sure the cancer is completely removed (a mastectomy).  At the time of surgery if possible, your surgeon may rebuild your breast at the same time through immediate reconstruction. This could be either done by your breast surgeon itself or they may opt to work alongside a plastic surgeon as part of the operation.  In some cases, if your large cancer becomes possible for your surgeon to shrink before surgery then breast conserving surgery becomes possible.  Segmental mastectomy (quadrantectomy) Depending on the site and the size […]

Breast conserving surgery

The first type of surgery is called breast conserving surgery. The aim of this surgery is to remove the cancer/abnormal tissue with a rim of normal breast tissue around it and to leave most of the breast intact. This is also called a wide local excision, or sometimes (not strictly correctly) a lumpectomy. This can be done if the lump is relatively small to the size of the breast.

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