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Our nurses are trained in specialist breast care and will provide you with pre and post-operation information, advice and support in all aspects of breast care.

What happens during your appointment?

During your care pathway at the clinic, our breast care team are present to help support you and advise you through any care information you may need. This would include providing you with self-examination tips, different types of breast screening, types of breast reconstruction options, different types of breast prosthesis options, explaining pathology report, explaining rationale for adjuvant treatment and more.

How to look after your breasts?

Being aware of your breasts is an important aspect of self-care.

Regular self-examination helps ensure any changes are noticed early.

Basics of breast awareness

  • Knowing what is normal and abnormal
  • Noticing any changes in the look or feel
  • Self-examination
  • Contacting your GP if any changes are noticed
  • Attending for routine breast screening if aged 40 or over

When to check your breasts

You should check your breasts once a month, during the week following your menstrual cycle.

If you are pregnant or have been through menopause, examine your breasts on the first day of the month.

What to look for?

  • Any change in direction of a nipple, turning inwards or at an unusual angle
  • Nipple discharge
  • Any changes to your skin on or around your nipple – puckering, swelling, rash, redness, dimpling or ‘Orange peel’ skin (enlarged pores)
  • A sudden change in size or shape of thick tissue surrounding your breasts
  • A new swelling, lump or thickening in the upper arm, armpit, or just above the breast
  • Any discomfort, pain, bleeding or weeping that does not go away

How to check your breasts

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