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What happens during your appointment?

Your consultant will ask you for your medical history and to explain the issue you suffer from. They will then conduct a physical examination of the area. If a much intensive diagnostic test is required, this will be discussed with you and only be performed with your consent. Do feel free to ask any query you have about the process and the treatment option recommended to you.

What are the different rectal procedures available?


Proctoscopy or rigid sigmoidoscopy is a diagnostic procedure to help your consultant diagnose any issue you may suffer in your rectum and anus. During this procedure a hollow tube, called the proctoscope, with a light and lens is inserted into your anus to help with the assessment. If required, a sample of tissue may be excised through the tube for further investigation.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy

It is a diagnostic test to help your consultant diagnose any abnormalities in your rectum and lower colon. This includes colorectal cancer. A thin flexible tube called the sigmoidoscope with a camera at the end used to analyse the area.

Banding of haemorrhoids

If you have a painful haemorrhoids, your consultant while assessing the area during a proctoscopy or sigmoidoscopy will pass on latex bands through the tubes. These bands are placed over the haemorrhoids with the help a gentle suction. This stops the blood from flowing through to the haemorrhoids and they eventually dry up and fall out on their own.

Drainage of abscess

If you suffer from abscess in and around your anal canal or a pilonidal abscess, your consultant will advise you to have it drained. The procedure is done under local anaesthetic and involves your consultant making an incision in the abscess to help extract the pus or any other matter.

Excision of anal skin tags

This procedure is done under local anaesthetic to help remove these small bumps that present themselves on the anus.

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