Adductor Tenotomy

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Adductor tenotomy is the term used to describe the surgical cutting of your adductor tendon, not the muscle itself. Your surgeon will operate the top of your inner thigh where the tendon attaches to the pubic bone. They will then cut the tendon, freeing up the muscle thus allowing it to contract freely and normally without tearing.

If during your surgery, your surgeon notices any scar tissue (adhesions), this is divided and the underlying muscle is freed.

What can you expect after your surgery?

After you have had your surgery, your consultant will advise you on post-operation care:

  • how to care for your wound after the operation when you are at home 
  • some rehabilitation exercises to start a few days after the operation. 

Following surgery, you will need to do some exercises to strengthen the adductor muscle again.  Professional sportsmen and women will have access to a physiotherapist and can often be back to normal in less than 6 weeks. Most people follow the programme on their own, in their own time and so full recovery may take longer. 

If you had a bigger tear or it had been present for a longer period of time (more than 6 months) recovery may take longer. Also, it appears that people over the age of 40 take a little longer to recover fully.

In addition, you will be given the clinic telephone contact numbers if you need any further advice.

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