Breast cancer care

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We encourage our patients to self-examine and have their breast checked regularly. If a cancer is detected, our breast care team will help accurately diagnose the type of cancer in order to ensure that you receive the most appropriate treatment plan.

What happens during your appointment?

Through your appointment, our consultant along with our breast care nurses will help you understand your diagnosis and guide you through your treatment options. Our multi-disciplinary team will also provide you with any other information and support you may need including post-treatment care and types of reconstruction options (if required).

Treatment options

Your consultant will create a breast cancer treatment plan tailored to you. The treatment route taken can be broadly categorised under:

These treatments may also include some of the newer, molecular treatments that are becoming available.

Breast cancer types

95% of all breast cancer types are ductal or lobular cancers. Our team of pathologists help diagnose the type of breast cancer and your treatment is planned & discussed with you.

Breast cancer in men

Although most breast cancers occur in women, about 0.5% – 1% of breast cancers occur in men. Our breast care team of specialists will help you with your diagnosis and treatment plan best suited for you.

Meet our clinic team

Learn more about the team that are part of your breast care journey.

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