General procedures

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What happens during your appointment?

Your consultant will discuss your medical history, after which they will talk you through the procedure and the post-treatment wound care.

They will ask you for your consent before proceeding with any treatment plan. Do ask your consultant for any additional information you may require or any query you may have.

What are the general procedures available?


If you wish to have a vasectomy, your consultant will go over the procedure and carry it out with your consent. The surgery is done under local anaesthetic, where the tubes that carry the sperm to the urethra are blocked or cut. This is a form of birth control to permanently prevent pregnancy.

Ingrown toenails

If you have an ingrown toenail, that is the side or the corner of your nail that has grown into the skin of your toe, you can choose to have this removed. During this procedure under local anaesthetic, your consultant will remove a part or the whole nail to help ease the pain.

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