How much does it cost?

Consultation charges

Initial consultation250
Routine follow up200
Second opinion350
Physiotherapy – Initial (1 hour)95
Physiotherapy – Initial (30 minutes)65
Physiotherapy – Follow up (45 minutes)75
Physiotherapy – Follow up (30 minutes)55

Procedure charges

Diagnostic ultrasound270
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) – single injection
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)- package 3 injections
Image-guided injection750
Injection without image guidance485
Specialist soft tissue injections750
Aspiration under image control700
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Upper body)650
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (Lower body)470
Functional movement assessment and report150
Biomechanical Assessment650
Lipogems (1 Joint)5000
Lipogems (2 Joints)6000
Lipogems – shoulder5500
OPD mi-eye scope1500
CryoRF nerve block2750
A2M Treatments (1 Joint)2950
A2M Treatment (2 Joints)3950
Carpal Tunnel Release2500
Arthrosamid for Knee Arthritis (1 knee)2995
Arthrosamid for Knee Arthritis (both knees)5000
Chronic Compartment Syndrome (diagnosis)700
Chronic Compartment Syndrome treatment (one leg)2850
Chronic Compartment Syndrome treatment (both leg)3850

Routine x-rays

Stork Views165
Chest Xray130
Shoulder Xray130
Both Shoulders Xray150
Dorsal Spine Xray115
Lumbar Spine135
Lumbar Spine with 3 obliques170
Cervical Spine 1 View105
Cervical Spine 2 Views125
Cervical Spine 3 Views145
Cervical Spine 4/5 Views165
Ribs Xray125
Abdo Xray – 2 views130
Elbow Xray105
Both Elbows Xray155
Forearm Xray105
Hand Xray105
Both Hands Xray150
Finger Xray105
Pelvis Xray125
Hip Xray125
Both Hips Xray170
Knee Xray105
Both Knees Xray155
Femur Xray125
Ankle Xray105
Both Ankles Xray155
Foot Xray105
Both Feet Xray155
Scaphoid views105
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