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Post your rehabilitation if you fail to show any improvement your surgeon will indicate that surgery is required. 

Gilmore’s Groin can be successfully treated by the surgical restoration of normal anatomy. The success of the surgery depends on accurate diagnosis, meticulous repair of each element of the disruption and intensive rehabilitation. 

We will provide you with all relevant information about the condition of Gilmore’s Groin, the operation and how it is done. 

In about 20% of people with Gilmore’s Groin (groin disruption, sportsman’s “hernia”) there will also be an adductor tear that needs surgery. If this is the case the two operations are done at the same time. The groin is repaired (reconstructed) through a standard 4-5cm incision in the groin and the adductor tenotomy is carried out through a 2-3cm incision at the top of the thigh.


After you have had your surgery, your consultant will advice you on post operation care:

  • wound care at home
  • some post-surgery rehabilitation exercises 

We will arrange an appointment for you 4 weeks post your surgery to check that everything has healed up and that the rehabilitation is progressing as it should. You will most likely be discharged at this stage, but some cases your consultant may have you come in for a further check in a few more weeks.

At any point of your journey, we encourage you to get in touch with our team fi you require any further advice.

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