A hysteroscopy is a diagnostic procedure Consultant Gynaecologist use, with the help of the hysteroscope, to assess the problem first-hand with a direct eye examination.  Hysteroscopies can be performed in the clinic using a tiny hysteroscope (which has a diameter of ball point pen refill) and no other traditional equipment such as speculum or any anaesthetic is used. This technique is called “No touch technique” The procedure as such takes less than five minutes. At the most you may feel a lower abdominal cramp, before you realise this the procedure will already have been completed. Why would you need a hysteroscopy? If after menopause you start experiencing bleeding, the problem […]

Pipelle Biopsy

Pipelle biopsy involves your consultant gynaecologist taking a tiny sample of the lining of the womb for further investigation. This helps to determine if there are any cancerous or abnormal cells in the lining of the womb. Once your results have been received, your consultant will discuss with you a personalised treatment plan for the condition you have been diagnosed with. When do you need a pipelle biopsy? Your consultant will advise a pipelle biopsy if you present with any of the following: abnormal vaginal bleeding heavy or prolonged periods bleeding between periods post menopausal bleeding thickness in the lining of the womb endometrial cancer How does the procedure take […]

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